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Be part of our mission "Nature and Education for All"

We believe that nature should belong to everyone and for everyone, but to make this a reality, we need everyone's help.

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Take part in our activities

We regularly organize activities open to the public to involve the community in protecting nature.

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Find out more about our services

From plantations, interpretive walks, activities for children and team building, we offer a wide range of services. Discover all the services we provide in the fields of nature conservation, environmental education and technical and scientific consultancy.

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Keep up to date with the BioLiving Association's work in Portugal and Europe.

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About us

The BioLiving Association is an Environmental Non-Governmental Organization (ONGA) based in Albergaria-a-Velha, Portugal. Founded in 2016, with the motto "Nature and Education for All"works every day to demonstrate that nature belongs to everyone and for everyone.

The BioLiving Association has a multidisciplinary team that makes the association's mission its own and works every day for the benefit of nature, from four fundamental axes.

Nature Conservation

Ecological restoration actions for the conservation of biodiversity, through planting, control of invasive exotic species, construction of structures to support biodiversity.

Training and Environmental Education

Environmental education activities and projects for all types of public, as well as technical and scientific training, educational workshops, congresses and conferences, scientific camps and internships.

Scientific and technical consultancy

Specialized scientific consultancy for environmental management, such as ecological restoration, inventory and monitoring of fauna and flora, sustainable forest management, production of content for dissemination, among others.

Social Inclusion

BioLiving offers everyone the opportunity to take part in its activities, with the aim of demonstrating that nature is inclusive, using it as a vehicle to promote equity and civic participation in the integrated management of natural resources.

Our Projects

Based on our experience in nature conservation, scientific consultancy and monitoring, and environmental education, we act on the basis of proximity, working first-hand with local communities, municipalities, schools, companies, among others, and facilitating dialogue to build sustainable solutions in Portugal and Europe.

Join our mission! For a more just and sustainable world

How To Participate

Do you want to act for change? Join our mission for a fairer and more sustainable world and make your contribution to environmental conservation.


Five years ago, in 2016, we began our ecological recovery work on the Lusitanica land. ...

During these times of change forced by the pandemic, like so many other entities around the world ...

On October 10, the governing bodies and the associative community with responsibilities ...

The BioLiving Association has just approved its second European project: 'Educate to Include' (Erasmus+ ...

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